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Progetto M3 has been founded in Mortara (PV) – Italy in the year 1981 as a final evolution of a company active in Thermoplastic injection moulding for the footwear industry since 1969. The know-how achieved in almost 50 years of operations has been completely handed down to the third generation of entrepreneurs, that today is pursuing the tradition of top excellence injection moulding production for his traditional market segment: sports footwear, fashion industry and safety shoes.

Progetto M3 is a company with high volume industrial production capacity of soles and technical components, but at the same time is able to combine a strong flexibility and a timely craftsmanship with the right attention to all necessary details. This complete range of features makes Progetto M3 a precious resource for all the shoemakers mainly in the critical phase of project start-up and season sampling.

The Know-how of almost half a century operation in the market allow Progetto M3 a perfect resource management during the engineering phase of the project, avoiding unnecessary costs and waste it is possible to achieve high competitiveness without any compromise between quality and performances of the final product.

Progetto M3 is a family-run company that operate internationally. We are able to offer our customers product diversity and competence and at the same time we are highly flexible and we can perform projects quickly and in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner.